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Breathe Deeply My Son Master

Breathe Deeply My Son Master

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"Prisoner of the Nazis who tried to derail Hitler’s train, survived Auschwitz, became a smuggler and built a property business in London"

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"Henry Wermuth was 19 when he attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler."


"Had things gone according to plan, the Fuhrer would soon be dead, as the three-wagon locomotive was meant to crash - derailed by a pile of logs and stones on the tracks."


"Wermuth survived eight camps throughout the war, including Auschwitz. He even survived a shooting attempt by notorious concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth at Krakow-Plaszow."


"Henry Wermuth was 19 when he attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler."

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"Hero who escaped death camps to assassinate Hitler says 'I didn't think of the danger'"


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An oral interview with Henry Wermuth

A video interview with Henry Wermuth

A video interview with Henry Wermuth

"I have no hatred towards the German people, because in the same set of circumstances, with support from newspapers and the radio, it could have happened here. There’s plenty of antisemitism in England."

Feedback from High School Students

following talks by Henry

“The talk that Henry gave was extremely interesting. He is an incredible man to still be giving his story. I will remember it for the rest of my life and I am grateful to have had the experience. Cannot wait to read his book.”

“I thought the presentation was extremely thought-provoking and I was particularly interested in the decision that Henry Wermuth made at the start of his story that he believed was what had changed his life forever and led to what occurred. I was touched when he recounted the story of how he lay between the two bodies in the camp, pretending to be dead until his father could help him. Finally, I was inspired greatly by his ability to remain mentally strong throughout the ordeal, even as his father died in his arms.”

“I believe he is an inspiration.”

“I feel like I learnt a lot from him, he was very sassy.”

“I learnt things I never thought I would.”

“I found Henry Wermuth’s speech very interesting and powerful. The part where he said he could see into his father’s head made me realise just how bad the conditions were back then.”

“It really made me think about what I would do in that situation.”

“I appreciated the experience to learn about it through people and not facts and figures. I would have liked to hear more about what happened after the war to the survivors.”

“I learnt a lot about the Holocaust in History, but it was quite different coming from someone who was actually there.”

“I thought that some of his stories were so awful that I couldn’t believe they were true. I have a lot of respect for Henry Wermuth, especially because he tried to kill Hitler.”

“Very interesting and inspiring, definitely a good experience.”

“I thought it was really eye-opening for our year to see an actual Holocaust survivor.”

“I was great to learn everything you did.”

“I feel the speech was very interesting and inspirational, it taught me to always believe that everything is possible, even if it doesn’t work the first time. Thank- you.”

“Mesmerising- when you come to the realisation that you are in the same room (as a Holocaust survivor) you are truly absorbed into someone else’s life-changing and threatening story which makes you exalt in your own life and its luxuries. It puts everything into perspective and teaches the new generation of what should never happen again and that we should perpetually remember those who suffered.”




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